Where does communication at the highest level begin if not with self-awareness? Self-awareness means, for example: Which "players" are on board with me at the moment, who make me say this or that or make me behave in this and that way? The same applies to my counterpart. And then some linguistic indicators also come into play: What exactly does the person I am dealing with say about themselves, beyond their immediate linguistic behavior? Freely adapted from Niklas Luhmann, one could say: Our consciousness is the sea on which words swim like little boats. In our one-to-one conversation, I'm concerned with the brilliant handling of an analytical repertoire that not only steers the boats, but also explores the sea.


Neither my colleagues nor I believe that we can change organizations. They do that themselves, at least formally. Our service can only consist of making this path passable together with you, developing routes, discovering and understanding new terrain, identifying risks and dangers, building bridges and on this expedition to arrive safely. We support your change agents as experts from systemic organizational consulting and organizational development in their responsible and often very difficult task. With this in mind: Cast off! Off to the expedition!


Is your team ready to question what has already been achieved? Every company is inevitably driven by the management of permanent change, regardless of its size. Together with my colleagues from Network 108, I support you in identifying possible need for change, initiating changes in your organization and in bringing your employees into a constructive experience. As a reliable partner, we also help you to develop and implement all communication measures - from change workshops to internal communication tools.